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The Forum for The Mealworm Blog, for Members to talk about Mealworms, including care, and troubleshooting problems that can happen whilst keeping/breeding them!
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 Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules!   Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:16 am

Hello and Welcome to the Mealworm Forums! I created this as a "Member Area" for my Blog the Mealworm Blog, since I didn't want to have it on that blog itself. Here are the Forum Rules [I may update them in the future]

1- No Swearing- Goes without saying for the most but this is a "Family Friendly Forum" so I don't like/want to see any swearing on the boards.
2- No Nudity/Racism/Hate- As I've said before this is a "Family Friendly Forum" none of this should belong on any forum let alone one about mealworms!
3- No Spamming, This applies to spammers [bots usually] and as well as posting more then 1 topic per post [Don't create duplicates, however if it is an accident just edit the first post and put "Duplicate" in the Topic title and I or a Staff member will delete it for you!]
4- Be nice to other members and Respect their Opinions!
This one should be straight-forward, let me just say this:
This forum isn't the Comment section on Youtube!

If you feel like I may have missed something on the Forum Rules feel free to PM me and I'll change whatever needs to be changed!

These rules are subject to change at anytime in the Future!!!
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Forum Rules!
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